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Teaching Must Get More Flexible Before It Falls Apart

ED Surge

They’ll need to find ways for school employment to be far more flexible, which will mean profound changes in how they work. More flexibility is the number one priority for job seekers. Almost three-quarters of knowledge workers plan to leave their jobs if they don’t get enough flexibility. What will they look for?

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Webinar: The Flexibility of Apprenticeships

All About STEM

An apprenticeship is a paid job where the employee can learn and gain valuable experience, but did you know that apprenticeships can be flexible to meet the needs of the apprentice and employer?


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Flexible Seating Creates Vibrant Learning Spaces

Middle Web

As she works on a grant proposal to fund an update of her classroom furniture, Kathleen Palmieri shares what she’s learned from researching how students benefit from flexible learning environments, including boosts in creativity, engagement, collaboration, focus and achievement.

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Create Flexible Learning Opportunities

PCS Edventures

How can you create flexible learning opportunities with a self-directed STEM curriculum? In this flexible learning environment, learners select an area of STEM to explore. How do you structure a self-paced, flexible STEM environment for your learners? This would equate to eight STEM choices in your flexible learning environment.

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Flexible STEM with Marble Run

Starfish Education

Marble Run is a Flexible STEM unit that it can be taught through through in-person, hybrid or digital learning models to help your kids experience STEM.

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The Future of Online Learning: Benefits and Strategies for Educators

Ask a Tech Teacher

Online learning offers unmatched flexibility and accessibility, enabling both students and educators to manage their schedules effectively and break down geographical barriers. Online learning offers flexibility and accessibility that traditional classrooms were never capable of. This flexibility extends to educators as well.

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Flexible STEM with Rolly Polly

Starfish Education

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