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AI In Education - The Impact of ChatGPT in the Classroom

Accelerate Learning

ChatGPT, a language model that uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like responses, has garnered significant attention for its potential applications in education. Its ability to support personalized learning experiences, facilitate research and knowledge acquisition, and automate testing and assessment.

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Simulations as a Teaching Strategy

Ask a Tech Teacher

These include critical thinking and self-directed learning, while there’s also evidence to suggest that simulation translates into a deeper understanding of even complex subjects when compared with the traditional, lecture-only class model. #2.

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PBL Puts the FUN in FUNdamentals!

Defined Learning

As you are winding down your school year, it is a great time to think about ways to end the year with exciting and engaging learning for all your students. Deep learning has become a buzzphrase in many school districts and is really not a new type of pedagogy.

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Infusing Discovery into Instructional Coaching

Middle Web

The inquiry-fueled methods that pique student interest, invite critical thinking, and support deep learning can also bring joy and discovery to instructional coaching. Pam Koutrakos shows how collaborative inquiry-based coaching cycles can yield powerful results for everyone.

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Educators Have Some Pointed Advice For Tech Companies Building the Metaverse

ED Surge

That's not what real learning is about. Real learning is deep learning, not superficial learning. I think the opportunities for deep learning are endless. All you need to add is whatever your learning goal is and ta-dah, you have done it. And it's more than just reading and math.

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Closing the Reading Gap with Effective, Brain-Based Reading Instruction

ED Surge

The focused combination of deep learning and practical application sustained over a designated period of time effectively grows and transforms literacy instruction to close the literacy gap, helping every child become a successful reader. How do we build strong comprehension skills in developing readers?

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Every Student Deserves an IEP

ED Surge

In what other ways can we remove barriers to facilitate deep learning for all students? Accommodations and modifications For students with disabilities, accommodations such as text readers and adaptive technology help remove barriers and promote equity. We’ve seen how many of these technologies also serve mainstream users.

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