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Can Third Graders Learn Data Science? These Researchers Say Yes

ED Surge

If you’re able to answer these, that’s how you teach data science to third graders—taking what seem like complex or abstract concepts and applying them to tangible elements in students’ lives. Data4Kids is about connecting students with data science in ways that feel familiar to them.

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Data science: a powerful tool for social good


Data science: a powerful tool for social good. Data scientists use scientific methods and computer algorithms to extract knowledge and information from large datasets. Thanks to data science algorithms, when you use a search engine, such as Google, to look for anything, the most relevant results appear first.

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Can data science help us achieve a stronger start and brighter future for children?


Can data science help us achieve a stronger start and brighter future for children? Published: Dr Rachel Wilcock , Data Science Lead at Nesta , explains how data science can be a powerful tool for social good. What is data science? How does Nesta use data science for social good?

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Data Science is Needed in the Classroom


Though data science may seem like a popular catchphrase in tech, it’s much more than that. Data science is being used across many industries and is a skill that is rapidly expanding to every career field. What is Data Science. How is Data Science Being Used.

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Learning to learn data science, part 1: Beginner’s mind

Robert Talbert, Ph.D.

This is a reprint from a series of posts I'm currently doing on data science in teaching, over at Medium. When it comes to learning data science, that’s easy for me, because I had no actual expertise to begin with when I started learning the subject in earnest this past summer. Although I have a Ph.D.

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Women in Data Science: Virtual Technical Conference, Mar. 11

Newton STEM

Harvard IACS, MIT IDSS, and Microsoft Research New England will co-sponsor a one-day, virtual event — the 6th annual Women in Data Science (WiDS) technical conference — on March 11 , 10AM-2PM. Register here.

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A Spoon Full of Computer Science

Computer Science Teacher

I was thinking about data science lately. The problem is that I don’t know much about data science. I learned about data bases in school and worked with them some in industry but that was mostly about how they work internally. But I never did much of anything with real work data applications.