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LS, Automotive Catalytic Converters – Hi Tech calculations.

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The catalytic … Continue reading → The post LS, Automotive Catalytic Converters – Hi Tech calculations. Vasileios Koutoufaris, (SV1PMJ) Athens Greece, Computing Teacher, MSc STEM in education. Catalytic converters are suitable devices for reducing emissions in every modern vehicle.

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Exciting STEM Careers in the Car and Car Rental Industry

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For STEM students with a passion for cars and cutting-edge technology, the automotive industry holds a world of exciting opportunities. Automotive Engineer: The Architects of Innovation Automotive engineers are at the forefront of designing and developing the vehicles we see on the roads today.


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Are you ready for the robot revolution?


In particular, the technicians who service tomorrow’s vehicles need to understand how they work, and this is where Dr Justin Starr, Professor of Advanced Technology, and Robert Koch, Professor of Automotive Technology, come in. I think my work ethic and skill in using my hands have made me successful in the field of automotive technology.

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Tech Professions Students Should Consider

Ask a Tech Teacher

They are in demand in the manufacturing and automotive service industries. Robotics engineer Robotics engineers have to constantly test, analyze and maintain prototypes and robotic components they create. The job is a highly technical one.

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Bring Real-Time 3D Into the Classroom, and Teach for the Future

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No longer confined to the realm of video games, this technology now plays key roles in industries as wide-ranging as architecture, medicine, automotive, aerospace and film. Real-time 3D (RT3D) is redefining interactive content.

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National Robotics Week

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Automotive – Large robotic arms conduct spot welding on large parts and body panels. Here are a few examples: Healthcare – Robots provide surgical assistance, minimizing recovery and maximizing positive outcomes.

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The Rewards and Risks of Nanoparticles


In the automotive industry, people can use nanoparticles to make the tires stick more to the road. For starters, nanoparticles contribute to more robust and cleaner systems and surfaces. For example, in sunscreen, the titanium oxide nanoparticles give transparent protection from the UV light of the sun.

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