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Opportunities for Swift Achievement Gains

Middle Web

The post Opportunities for Swift Achievement Gains first appeared on MiddleWeb. Cathy Gassenheimer says that reading Results Now 2.0 is disturbing but notes Schmoker includes a way out of "the current education quagmire."

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To Close the Math Achievement Gap, We Must Recognize What Students Bring to the Classroom

ED Surge

Nationally, mathematics achievement on average remains low with glaring, persistent inequities across racial and ethnic groups. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress in 2022, students in fourth and eighth grade had the largest decline in mathematics achievement since 1990.


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STEMscopes Celebrates the Achievements of Hispanic STEM Pioneers

Accelerate Learning

September 15th through October 15th marks National Hispanic Heritage Month, a time of year where we honor the achievements, contributions, and influence of Hispanic Americans to the world. Here at STEMscopes we want to recognize some of the lesser known Hispanic pioneers in various STEM fields.

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Coding for Kids: How to Boost Academic Achievement

PCS Edventures

Coding boosts academic achievement while simultaneously embedding life-long skills in learners. Elementary-aged learners are capable of providing computers with instructions to achieve a specific outcome through code! Coding is an exhilarating and engaging method that boosts academic achievement and fosters life-long skills.

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Little Achievers: Problem Solving Games for 3 Year Olds

STEM Education Shopping

That’s why I’m thrilled to share with you the world of ‘Little Achievers: Problem Solving Games for 3-Year-Olds.’ We even delved into the top 6 problem-solving games for these little achievers. As a parent, I’ve always been amazed by the incredible problem-solving abilities of my 3-year-old.

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Strive to Achieve the Six P’s of Professionalism

Middle Web

The post Strive to Achieve the Six P’s of Professionalism first appeared on MiddleWeb. Her six principles of teacher professionalism are written with pre-service and novice teachers in mind and “may be used to build your reputation throughout your career.”.

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Subscriber Special: February Common Core Math Lessons

Ask a Tech Teacher

33% off right now through February 3, 2024 How to Achieve Common Core with Tech is a four-volume series that focuses on using technology to meet Common Core standards in Language, Writing, Reading, Speaking/Listening (not yet available), and Math. Common Core–Math Lesson Plans 141 pages, 20 projects, over 114 Common Core standards, for K-8.

Math 379