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The Math Revolution You Haven’t Heard About

ED Surge

Math professor Martin Weissman is rethinking how his university teaches calculus. Called Math 11 A and B, these classes, which students take as freshmen and sophomores, constitute a “leaky pipeline,” Weissman says. There are math requirements for those majors. CAMBRIDGE, Mass.

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Using AI to Encourage Productive Struggle in Math

Cool Cat Teacher

Shout out to my principal, Jonathan Dyal, and math teacher, Matthew Sheets, who work with me for their advice and thoughts as I crafted this post. In my view, this is where AI can truly be useful in math education, and fortunately, new tools are being developed to guide students through the productive struggle that helps them learn.”

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Overcoming Math Anxiety and the Fear of Math

Accelerate Learning

When you ask kids what they’re afraid of, math is not a common answer. However, the fear of math is very real. According to Public School Review , the national average for math proficiency in public schools is 47 percent. They’re thinking about spiders or monsters or that creepy feeling you can sometimes get when you’re alone.

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Celebrate Pi Day and Maths Day

Ask a Tech Teacher

Two math celebrations are coming up on March 14th : Pi Day and World Maths Day Pi Day Pi Day is an annual celebration commemorating the mathematical constant π (pi). March 2020 World Maths Day is one of the world’s largest global educational events aimed at lifting numeracy standards in a fun and meaningful way.

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How To Boost Student Engagement: Modern Tools for Math Teachers

Ask a Tech Teacher

Wondering how to get your students upbeat about learning math? Modern educational tools make it possible to add a practical edge to math lessons, as students can observe math structures at play in the real world and see how people apply these formulas to solve common challenges. But where to start?

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5 Tech Tools for Math Class

Ask a Tech Teacher

I’ve updated Ask a Tech Teacher’s list of ten math tools we posted in 2016 to be shorter and with a new option. I think this will better reflect what’s going on today in our classrooms: It can be difficult to teach math, but with the proper tools, it can often be made easier. Pricing: Free for teachers and students.

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Subscriber Special: Common Core Math Lessons

Ask a Tech Teacher

Common Core–Math Lesson Plans 160 pages, 20 projects, over 114 Common Core standards, for 9 grades (K-8). On sale until February 4, 2023 How to Achieve Common Core with Tech is a four-volume series that focuses on using technology to meet Common Core standards in Language, Writing, Reading, Speaking/Listening (not yet available), and Math.

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