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Robot Teachers vs Human Teachers:

Ask a Tech Teacher

Simona Johnes, editor-in-chief of Science and Literacy , an educational blog for teachers and parents, did some research into a topic that is of growing concern to my fellow teachers: Robots in the classrom. Here’s an interesting article comparing the pros and cons of robots vs. humans: . 5 pros of a robot teacher.

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Rise of the Educational Robots

Accelerate Learning

Robotics education can prepare children for the jobs of the future, foster essential skills and competencies, and make STEM subjects exciting and engaging while exploring the benefits of introducing robots in the classroom.

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Why Educational Robots Should Be Part of Every Child’s Learning Journey?

Stem Education News

Did you know that educational robots can transform how children learn, think, and interact with technology? In an era where modern education continually evolves, including educational robots in early curricula is becoming important. appeared first on STEMpedia.

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National Robotics week

Bright and Smart

It's National Robotics Week , and we're diving headfirst into the exciting world of robots! During National Robotics Week, we get to marvel at the incredible inventions that are shaping our world. FarmBot : FarmBot is an open-source robotic farming system that automates small-scale agriculture.

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Introducing Robotics to the Classroom

STEM Education Works

KEY POINTS Know the real-world applications of robots. Understand why robots are ideal tools for teaching coding and computer science. Find the right robot for your classroom’s needs. Assign projects that link robotics and coding to a myriad of other STEM subjects. WHY ROBOTS?

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From Coding Robots to Eco-Detectives

PCS Edventures

Whether it’s coding robots or exploring the world beyond classroom walls, STEM sparks curiosity and creativity, putting an end to that dreaded “summer slide.” Explore the wonders of robotics with hands-on design challenges. Take the Sphero indi on a tour through a STEAM tastic fusion of music and robotics.

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Looking for a Class Robot? Try Robo Wunderkind

Ask a Tech Teacher

There are a lot of options if you want to bring programmable robots to your classroom. It is a build-a-robot kit designed to introduce children ages six and up to coding and robotics as well as the fun of problem-solving and creative thinking. If I were to rate myself with robotics, I might be closer to a 5 than a 10.

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