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Rise of the Educational Robots

Accelerate Learning

Robotics education can prepare children for the jobs of the future, foster essential skills and competencies, and make STEM subjects exciting and engaging while exploring the benefits of introducing robots in the classroom.

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Innovative Curriculums That Spark Enthusiasm in STEM and Robotics Students

Robot Lab

It is, therefore, essential to ensure that students today benefit from a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education , alongside an understanding of robotics. This is where identifying innovative approaches to STEM and robotics curricula can ensure you can offer students an engaging and enriching education.


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5 Tips for Teaching STEM With Robots

Vivify Stem

5 Tips for Teaching STEM With Robots Guest Post by Sphero Team March 3, 2023 Robots are not quite living up to the promises of science fiction movies, but they are still doing some pretty amazing things in our everyday lives, especially in the classroom. Let’s dive in and discover what you can do with Sphero!

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Empowering Teachers and Inspiring Students for a STEM-Driven Future

ED Surge

PLTW has heard from students regarding how valuable their courses are because they help expose them to and engage them in STEM subjects and prepare them for life beyond K-12. Studies indicate that early exposure to STEM is associated with increased interest in STEM and increased academic performance.

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Introducing Students to New & Evolving STEM Careers

Robot Lab

In the fast-paced world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), educators need to stay ahead of the curve. As robotics and STEM educators, you play a crucial role in preparing the next generation for the evolving landscape of STEM careers.

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The Robotic Hand STEM Challenge

Teachers are Terrific

This STEM Challenge turned out to be fun and so packed-full of learning. Now, I don’t mean things like jumping out of an airplane (although I have done that)- just the small things in the STEM Lab. My students were rightfully confused about this Robotic Hand challenge. Then we looked at a few images of robotic hands.

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Spooky STEM Facts!

STEM Education Works

Given the special occasion, I thought I’d make today’s blog extra scary by serving you up some spooky STEM facts. So grab your candy, shut off the lights, and prepare to be petrified … with spooky STEM facts. Dead spiders are being used to advance the field of robotics. Dr. Jake Roark The post Spooky STEM Facts!

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