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Choosing the Right Computer Science Specialization

Ask a Tech Teacher

Choosing the Right Computer Science Specialization. Computer science is no exception. A master’s in computer science program allows you to choose from a wide range of specialty areas based on your specific interests and career goals. Career interest.

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7 Popular Science Museums

Educators Technology

Science museums from all around the world capture and document this knowledge allowing anyone interested in learning about science, to access this wealth of knowledge and learn about major achievements and milestones that got us where we are today. The Museum of Natural Sciences contains several galleries and sections.

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Lessons From This 'Golden Age' of Learning Science

ED Surge

Experts have described this as a 'golden age' of discovery in the area of learning science, with new insights emerging regularly on how humans learn. Andrea Chiba, a professor of cognitive science in the program for neuroscience at the University of California at San Diego. There were six U.S.

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Teaching Students to Read Science Informational Text

Amy Brown Science

Science surrounds us every single day. As a result, it is more important than ever that we teach our science students how to read "science informational text." In today’s world, students must be able to read, comprehend, and analyze science informational reading passages! The face of science teaching is changing.

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Best Science YouTube Channels

Educators Technology

Science is all about exploring (and enjoying) the wonders of the world around us. Through videos science is brought to more. Videos make this exploratory experience even engaging and fun.

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The Science of Coaching Teachers

ED Surge

As a fifth grade math teacher and instructional coach in New Orleans, Gibson has become increasingly interested in effective teaching informed by cognitive science —otherwise known as learning science—and how it can help teachers improve their practice.

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International Day of Women & Girls in Science 2023

All About STEM

On the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, share your stories, celebrate women and girls who are leading innovation and call for actions to remove all barriers that hold them back. This year’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science will address the theme “Innovate. Demonstrate.

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