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UCLA Life Sciences Revamped How It Teaches Math. Is It an Example Others Should Follow?

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About 10 years ago, Alan Garfinkel, a professor in the life sciences department at the University of California, Los Angeles, got a call. It was from his dean, who said that the department had inspected their freshman calculus course, “Calculus for Life Sciences.” Many leaders in the field want to change these statistics.

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Business Leaders Say Computer Science Needs to Be A Core Subject

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Today, a collection of more than 500 prominent business, education and nonprofit leaders called on states to update their K-12 curriculum to make computer science a core subject. The effort was led by, an education nonprofit focused on expanding computer science education. In the U.S.,


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Synthetic biology: the power of modified microbes


Synthetic biology: the power of modified microbes Published: Microbes are the world’s most brilliant chemists, able to turn simple sugars and other compounds into a vast array of complex chemicals. The general idea of synthetic biology is that we can engineer microbes to do things that naturally occurring microbes don’t do,” he says.

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Better Science: 5 Excellent Ways to Examine Authentic Artifacts from the Natural History Museum of Utah

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Click for a free teacher account Free Science Investigations for Middle School Students ResearchQuest is a free set of investigations designed for middle schoolers that allow them to examine artifacts, analyze data, and create their own conclusions. They are also guided by an NHMU entomologist and some cool science-based comics.

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12 Great TED Ed Science Video Lessons for Students

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Back to you with another handpicked list of TED Ed videos but this time the theme is science. most popular TED Ed science videos that you can use with your students in class. The Life Sciences section in TED Ed contains a huge collection of educational videos spanning various science topics. How does anesthesia work?

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Can behavioural interventions improve biological health outcomes?


Can behavioural interventions improve biological health outcomes? Published: Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the US, accounting for around one in every five deaths. However, some groups in society are at higher risk than others. At the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in the US, Dr Yamnia I.

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17 Essential Science Skills All Students Should Master

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You only have to be a science teacher for one single day to start getting these types of questions and comments. The challenge we science teachers face is how to bridge this gap. What are the essential science skills? Click on red text or any image to view Science Skills Chat in my TpT store.

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