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How to host a Nuffield Research Placement

All About STEM

Year 12 NRP students are bright, capable, and can complete a variety of tasks including data analysis, scoping, and experimental design. Are you an employer or an academic institution? You can nurture future talent by hosting a Nuffield Research Placement! Take a look at this quick Q&A to see how you can get involved.

Research 130
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What to Know About SQL and How to Try it Out

Ask a Tech Teacher

SQL is incredibly popular in several industries, such as finance, music, data analysis, web development, and social media, making it really useful. . These conditions are implemented through “queries,” which you’ll learn how to write so you can look up data in the database. The prime function of SQL is data analysis.


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Science Fair Resources

Northeastern University

YouTube Science Channels YouTube has numerous science channels that offer experiment demonstrations, data analysis tutorials, and presentation tips. Online Data Analysis Tools Depending on the nature of your project, you may need tools for data analysis. Best wishes for a successful science fair experience!

Science 52
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The 2023 Year in Review: How STEM Impacted Sports

STEM Sport

Predictive Data Analysis Tools: This year, data analysis tools have become pivotal in predicting game outcomes and player performance, providing teams with a competitive edge and new approaches to game preparation.

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Box Light

Actuaries are typically associated with mathematics, but this career is often categorized as a science which applies math and data analysis. They use these analyses to produce strategic methods for professional operations.

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Why a Career as a Data Analyst Is the Dream Job for Every Tech-Savvy Person

Career in STEM

According to The Future of Jobs Report 2020, data analysts and scientists are among the top five positions in high demand across industries. The field is growing rapidly due to the need for more complex and innovative data analysis. The cost of a data analyst Bootcamp varies depending on location and how long it lasts.

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Unlocking the Power of Personalized Learning With Trustworthy AI and Advanced Analytics

ED Surge

Technology plays a pivotal role in facilitating personalized learning, particularly through the application of data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, each student deserves an education that is tailored to their individual needs and characteristics.