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Course Hero Quietly Took Over Hosting Lumen’s OER Content. They Say It’s No Big Deal

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They were trying to prep summer courses by linking to the freely available, openly licensed alternatives known as Open Educational Resources, or OER, content offered by Lumen Learning, a courseware provider that argues that OER can be a tool in making higher education more equitable. Hi OER Friends! There was confusion. “Hi

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Expensive Textbooks Are Still A Problem. Will Higher Quality OER Help?

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These days low-cost alternatives known as Open Educational Resources, or OER, are getting a boost as a potential solution. Last week, for example, Lumen Learning, a company that sells low-cost OER textbooks and courseware, announced it received a $5 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Top Three Open Educational Resource (OER) Databases

Career in STEM

Open educational resources (OERs) are those that are “freely available to the public, both technically and legally, to use and redistribute without limitation” ( U.S. OERs are: Public – available to all to no cost. OERs themselves are free, and the need to replace textbooks is eradicated. adapted from U.S. The US Dept.

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What a Homework Help Site’s Move to Host Open Educational Resources Could Mean

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In May, the homework-help site that relies on student-generated content, Course Hero, dipped its toes into freely available, openly licensed alternatives known as Open Educational Resources, or OER, course materials. This was the company’s “first foray” into OER, and it is still figuring out how the OER fits, Morris says. “I

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Every Student Deserves an IEP

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Secondly, through digital delivery of open educational resources (OER), teachers can modify lessons to reflect student interest and context by choosing different texts, materials and videos aligned to standards.

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Unlocking AI’s Potential: Live Blog #ISTELive

Cool Cat Teacher

Tara: AI Teaching Assistant in Computer Science with OER curriculum to support students in those subjects. Rolled out an AI Chatbot called Eureka and have seen it is great help with a 30-33% drop in call volume as a result of using Eureka to support students. Found the best way to improve is by doing. How can AI support teachers?

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The information won’t just sink in: Helping teachers provide technology-assisted data literacy instruction in social studies

Computing Education Research Blog

Since this was a journal on educational technology, we mostly focused on two technologies: The OER Tammy created to support data literacy in social studies education — see link here. DV4L, the Data Visualization for Learning tool that we created explicitly for social studies teachers — see link here.

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