Tue.May 23, 2023

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Will AI Chatbots Boost Efforts to Make Scholarly Articles Free?

ED Surge

When it comes to getting access to the latest scholarly articles, there’s a stark digital divide. Students and professors affiliated with most colleges have unlimited access to large collections of scholarship such as JSTOR and HeinOnline, because their institutions subscribe to site licenses. To everyone else, though, those and many other scholarly publications are locked, or can only be read by paying hefty per-article fees.

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3 Simple Plastic Bag STEM Challenges

Stem Activities for Kids

Plastic Bag STEM Challenges While plastic bags are not an ideal material to seek out due to their impact on the environment, it is inevitable that there are likely plenty of plastic bags that you can make use of first! Three STEM challenges that you can easily try with plastic bags are: parachutes wind-powered cars kites These all happen to be great activities for outdoors as well!


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How do the head, neck, and heart develop?


How do the head, neck, and heart develop? Published: Birth defects affect one in every 33 babies born in the United States each year. A developmental biologist at Howard University in the US, Dr Janine M. Ziermann is studying the head, neck, and heart to find out how head and heart birth defects form. TALK LIKE A DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGIST Cardiac — relating to the heart Cardiopharyngeal — relating to the heart and the pharyngeal arches Cephalic — relating to the head Congenital — present from birt

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The New World of LLM Functions: Integrating LLM Technology into the Wolfram Language

Stephen Wolfram

This is part of a series about our LLM technology. Other parts of this series: ChatGPT Gets Its “Wolfram Superpowers”! Instant Plugins for ChatGPT: Introducing the Wolfram ChatGPT Plugin Kit Turning LLM Capabilities into Functions So far, we mostly think of LLMs as things we interact directly with, say through chat interfaces. But what if we could take LLM functionality and “package it up” so that we can routinely use it as a component inside anything we’re doing?

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Girls and STEM – How Can We Close the Gender Gap?

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Women and girls play a crucial role in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, which aim to solve big challenges like global pandemics, climate change, and improving communication through technology. In addition to being inclusive, increasing women's participation in STEM can boost our economy, reduce the pay gap, and create a more diverse and talented workforce, leading to innovative ideas and solutions.

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Can Axolotls Live on Land?Exploring the aquatic world of axolotls

Smore Science

Table of Contents An axolotl. Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Amandasofiarana Imagine a cute animal that looks like a mix between a fish and a lizard, with frilly gills and a smile that never goes away. The axolotl is a very cool animal. But let’s pose a question: can these strange animals, usually found in water, live on land? In this piece, we’ll learn more about axolotls and find out if they can live on land or if they have to stay in the water.

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First Foods

Teach Science for All

I recently took an online course that featured this thoughtfully designed interactive article by the Seattle Times on First Foods.

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In School, Girls Rule. Where Does That Leave Boys?

ED Surge

College began as a nearly all-male world, and that long trickled down through the education system. Then, 50 years ago, the U.S. government prohibited discrimination in education on the basis of sex. Now, women earn more than 57 percent of all bachelor’s degrees. It’s evidence that “in the space of just a few decades, girls and women have not just caught up with boys and men in the classroom — they have blown right past them.

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5 Surprising Ways Homeschoolers Use Canva for Learning and Fun

Ask a Tech Teacher

5 Surprising Ways Homeschoolers Can Use Canva for Learning and Fun Explore how your homeschoolers can use Canva to enhance their learning, graphic design, and tech skills to level up their assignments. We’ll cover tips and specific examples of how your children can create infographics, videos, websites, posters, and more using this useful tool for free at home.

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