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Schools Use Trial and Error for Choosing Edtech, But They Don’t Have to

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If a team digging a tunnel in Tennessee discovers unusual soil conditions and attempts an innovative approach to managing those conditions, federal coordination and information management makes it possible for teams in, say, Arkansas and elsewhere around the country to access those lessons learned when they discover similar soil conditions.

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Coding coalition inspires Idaho students


We also work closely with our National & Homeland Security and Information Management groups to recruit, as employees from these groups are most likely to have a background in computer science or coding. . To recruit INL employees, we ask for volunteers from across the laboratory through an internal memo.

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Grading in my Discrete Mathematics class: a 3x3x3 reflection

Robert Talbert, Ph.D.

So I need to sit down and think about the extent to which this system is measuring learning , versus how much it measures a student's time or information management skills. But this never happened among the students with higher course grades. The two are related, but not the same. Three questions I still have 1.