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Best Open Access Journals and Scholarly Articles for Research Students

Educators Technology

Scientific knowledge is proliferating in an unprecedented rate with an increasing number of journal articles and research papers published every year across various disciplines from humanities to medicine and technology. As researchers, our research stands on the shoulders of other researchers.

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How Educators Save Time and Energy in Their Content Creation and Feedback Loops

ED Surge

An easy-to-use platform for teachers to handle the entire loop from creation to feedback can be the answer to saving time and energy. Research shows that “ students who effectively interacted with learning activities in a course have better results.” So how do they achieve this?

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Will Teachers Listen to Feedback From AI? Researchers Are Betting on It

ED Surge

Helping teachers be the best version of themselves takes a huge investment of time and energy, and schools just don't have the resources. Her application is called TalkMoves, and a version of Jacob’s research is now being used by the tutoring company Saga Education to train first-time tutors. Teaching is hard.

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How Low-Carb Diets Fuel High-Achieving Students

Ask a Tech Teacher

Enhanced Focus and Energy Maintaining razor-sharp focus and boundless energy has always been the secret sauce for high-achieving students. They can also increase your energy , but most studies focus on short term effects. They can also increase your energy , but most studies focus on short term effects.

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Your Own Energy Story Mini Project


This post describes a project that follows the Energy… Part 2 unit. This project was created in collaboration with Allie Boyd at the Energy & Equity summer workshop (link takes you to the portal; find the current workshop info through links on that page). If you haven’t read about that (new!)

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Why use energy bar charts?

Jacobs Physics

The usefulness of graphical representations over straight-up equations and calculations for understanding energy concepts has been well established in physics teaching literature for years. I resisted teaching energy bar charts for nearly the first two decades of my career - mainly for point (3) above.

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Bringing Better STEM Education to the Rural South

ED Surge

In response, Schneider and researchers from Michigan State and the University of Helsinki in Finland developed a curriculum called Crafting Engagement for Science Environments and published a related book. Once implemented, researchers will also collect data and study the curriculum’s impact using the same methods as in previous studies.

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