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A Typing Website With a Twist

Ask a Tech Teacher

This how-to-type website doesn’t get enough exposure so I’m doing a quick overview of pros and cons and how to use it. If you’re looking for a good typing program to engage your students during summer school or next school year, this is an excellent choice: KidzType is a free comprehensive approach to learning keyboarding. The ad- and distraction-free interface provides not only practice drills but quick links to grade-appropriate keyboarding games (including popular ones from

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What Brain Science Says About How to Better Teach Teenagers

ED Surge

Ellen Galinsky has been on a seven-year quest to understand what brain science says about how to better teach and parent adolescent children. The past few years have seen advancements in our understanding of this time — where the brain is going through almost as much change as during the earliest years of a child’s life. In the past, Galinsky says, researchers and educators have focused too much on portraying the emotional turmoil and risky decision-making that is typical in adolescence as negat

Science 313

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CREST Awards: Apprenticeships, University & Job Applications

All About STEM

CREST Awards are a tangible recognition of success and are well-regarded. You can stand out from the crowd by including the experiences and skills you have gained through CREST in your personal statement! Enhance your applications for university, a job or an apprenticeship and show educators or employers how you think, what you have learned and your skills by discussing your CREST project.

Education 167
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Teachers Are Introducing Young Learners to Climate Consciousness. Hope Is Key, They Say.

ED Surge

Extreme weather events are on the rise around the globe, from historic floods to unseasonable heat waves and raging wildfires. One doesn’t have to reach far to find fuel for climate-related fear and anxiety. Heidi Rose, an elementary school teacher in Denver, Colorado, knows that all too well. She experienced years of what she describes as “pretty intense” climate anxiety, beginning around 2015, as she watched natural disasters unfold in the news and up close.

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Can Brain Science Actually Help Make Your Training & Teaching Stick?

Speaker: Andrew Cohen, Founder & CEO of Brainscape

The instructor’s PPT slides are brilliant. You’ve splurged on the expensive interactive courseware. Student engagement is stellar. So… why are half of your students still forgetting everything they learned in just a matter of weeks? It's likely a matter of cognitive science! With so much material to "teach" these days, we often forget to incorporate key proven principles into our curricula — namely active recall, metacognition, spaced repetition, and interleaving practice.

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Online Session: Become a STEM Ambassador!

All About STEM

Do you work in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths or have a STEM background? You could make a real impact by becoming a STEM Ambassador! Join STEM Learning’s 45-minute online introduction to the STEM Ambassador Programme to find out how you can get involved in valuable STEM outreach with young people.

STEM 157

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Edna meets Mr. Chubbs at the Conceptual Physics Tournament

Jacobs Physics

Will Keay, who teaches in Fairfax, Virginia, came to judge the Woodberry Forest Conceptual Physics Tournament last weekend. His class pet, Mr. Chubbs, met my pet hippopotamus Edna. They seemed to like each other. We've been doing the tournament as our 9th grade final exam for seven years now. Feedback from students is universally positive. They like that they don't sit for yet another two-hour written exam, of course - even though, to a person, they recognize that they work harder to prepare for

Physics 52
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A Guide to Choosing the Right Summer Camp for Your Tech-savvy Child

STEM Minds

Choosing the right summer camp for your child is crucial, especially when it comes to nurturing their budding interests in technology and innovation. As the world rapidly advances, fostering tech skills in the younger generation through engaging Technology Camps is more important than ever. These camps not only provide a platform for Summer Learning but are pivotal in Child Development, equipping children with essential skills needed in a tech-driven future.

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6 Summer Reading and Math Activities for Elementary Students

STEM Discovery Education

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean students have to stop learning. Everywhere you look there are opportunities for them to expand their math and reading skills. Discovery Education is here to help teachers support students’ learning this summer. Here are six fun math and reading activities that families can enjoy together while students improve their […] The post 6 Summer Reading and Math Activities for Elementary Students appeared first on Discovery Education Blog.

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STEM Summer Reading List: Books for Kids

STEM Sport

The summer months are a fun time for kids to play and spend time with their friends and family. While this time is meant to lift spirits and create a sense of excitement, parents must help students balance their fun with activities that stimulate their brains. It is easy for students to slip into the summer slump, which is when they start to lose some of the information they learned during the previous school year.

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Harnessing The Power Of Math Manipulatives

Mathematics, a subject steeped in abstract concepts, often poses challenges to students, especially those in grades 5-10. But imagine a bridge that transformed this intricate maze into an interactive adventure.