Fri.Sep 15, 2023

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What do Parents Ask About Technology in Education?

Ask a Tech Teacher

I have written in the past about parent questions concerning technology in education , but always from the perspective of a teacher at the classroom. Now, I teach grad school classes online to practicing teachers and want to see if those questions are the same. So I asked my grad school students: What questions do parents ask you about technology and education ?

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IET Faraday® Challenge Days!

All About STEM

We are overjoyed to announce that we are an IET regional delivery partner offering IET Faraday® Challenge Days! In September 2023, The Institution of Engineering and Technology announced a new model for their IET Faraday® Challenge Days programme, working with regional delivery partners to offer IET Faraday® Challenge Days across the UK. “This new approach will allow us to increase participation.


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Sharing Notes: Enhancing Learning After Every Lesson

Box Light

As educators, the act of sharing notes with students after a lesson holds immense value in the teaching and learning process.

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Easy Towers Using Only 12 Items

Teachers are Terrific

Easy prep, easy materials, easy towers! You will love these three tower challenges (and students will, too!) These easy tower challenges are some of the best things I have invented! No, I’m actually serious. Sometimes I have an idea for the STEM Lab and it just works. Beautifully! Now, don’t get me wrong. I also have moments where everything goes south and the project fizzles and we just laugh it off.

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Downloadable Design Briefs for an Integrative STEM Curriculum

These easy-to-use design briefs outline student objectives, challenges, and materials needed to complete each 30-minute to 4-hour lesson. ITEEA’s Integrative STEM curriculum, Engineering byDesign, includes many more standards driven hands-on activities just like these!

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The Theory of Evolution


Sugar Land, TX The theory of evolution, first proposed by Charles Darwin in the 1800s, is a revolutionary milestone in biology. The theory centers on how species change over time through a process called natural selection. The diversity we see today in life is the result of changes and adaptations over millions of years. Natural selection is a core component of the theory of evolution, referring to the process where organisms containing favorable traits are more likely to survive and reproduce,

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Sep 15, Problem Solving with Equations Worksheet

Online Math for All

Problem Solving with Equations Worksheet