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To Get Serious About Games, Teachers Experiment With Play in the Classroom

ED Surge

Every week at the Nysmith School in Herndon, Virginia, Philip Baselice breaks out a game to teach his class about key world events. Baselice teaches history to middle schoolers, and game-based simulations have been part of his teaching arsenal for the last nine years, ever since he first tried it. “I used a game to teach my students about the causes behind the start of the First World War.

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Primary CREST: Superstar Awards!

All About STEM

CREST is a STEM enrichment programme for young people that inspires, enables and rewards open ended project work. CREST has a phenomenal library of FREE resources for all ages along with accredited resources from partnering organisations. Superstar Awards are recommended for children aged 7-11 years, activities are presented as a collection of hone-hour challenges and relate to broader situations.

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Breaking Barriers to a Foundational Early Childhood Education

ED Surge

A solid early education serves as a cornerstone for a child's future. It shapes their physical, cognitive, social and emotional development while setting them on a path to success in both their academic journey and overall life experiences. However, many young children have limited access to high-quality educational opportunities because of socioeconomic factors and technological barriers.

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STEM Ambassadors & Educators: Advent Calendar!

All About STEM

STEM Learning has released their new Primary and Secondary advent calendars on STEM Community! “Each day a new door will be available for you to open, it will contain a little gift for you, it might be a digital resource, a free CPD course, a short video, competition or an opportunity for you or your school/class.” The STEM Community Advent Calendars are available to educators and STEM ambassadors.

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Can Brain Science Actually Help Make Your Training & Teaching Stick?

Speaker: Andrew Cohen, Founder & CEO of Brainscape

The instructor’s PPT slides are brilliant. You’ve splurged on the expensive interactive courseware. Student engagement is stellar. So… why are half of your students still forgetting everything they learned in just a matter of weeks? It's likely a matter of cognitive science! With so much material to "teach" these days, we often forget to incorporate key proven principles into our curricula — namely active recall, metacognition, spaced repetition, and interleaving practice.

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Why I Teach Women's Studies at an All-Girls Catholic School

ED Surge

I teach at the only all-girls school in the state of Minnesota. We are also a devoted Catholic community, founded by the Visitation Sisters to educate young women in virtue, intellect, mind and heart. To build on our founders’ mission, the school began offering a women’s studies elective titled “Women and Society”, which I have proudly taught since 2014.

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“Savoring” Can Be an Incredible Learning Tool

Middle Web

Fresh off seeing U2 in concert at the Sphere in Las Vegas, Stephanie Farley is still savoring the experience by describing it to others. New research says students can learn better and enjoy school more by savoring their own favorite memories. Farley shares some strategies. The post “Savoring” Can Be an Incredible Learning Tool first appeared on MiddleWeb.

Learning 101
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Unbox Innovation: Cultivating Creativity in the Classroom, Part 2

Box Light

Ever wondered how to turn your classroom into a hub of creativity? In the recent Unbox Innovation episode, "Cultivating a Creative Classroom," Preston Trebas, Boxlight STEM Training and Development Specialist, addresses the challenges educators face with integrating creativity into modern teaching and learning practices. The discussion covers balancing hard skills and creativity, dealing with parental concerns, and addressing administrative pressures.

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ESL & ELL: Key Components in the Algorithm of Inclusive Computer Science Education


In our interconnected world, effective communication is key. For English as a Second Language (ESL) and English Language Learners (ELL), the journey to proficiency can be challenging. However, computer science emerges as a powerful tool, not just for coding and algorithms, but as a bridge that spans linguistic barriers. In this blog, we explore how computer science education can empower ESL and ELL learners, fostering language development, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of the d

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Impacting Students With the Power of Story

CTE Learning

Last week we published an article on Ian Kilpatrick and his students at the High School of Fashion Industries in Manhattan, New York City. Ian’s students in his Computer Science course are working through our Web Game Design curriculum (and will be working through our Web Design curriculum in Spring of 2024), and they are learning technical and soft skills that will help them in their future educational and career pathways.

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Harnessing The Power Of Math Manipulatives

Mathematics, a subject steeped in abstract concepts, often poses challenges to students, especially those in grades 5-10. But imagine a bridge that transformed this intricate maze into an interactive adventure.

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Innovative STEM Education: Crafting IoT Solutions

Robot Lab

(AI), virtual reality, and other tools are quickly becoming core components of everyday life. So, how is this likely to affect the future of education?

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STEM Sports December Newsletter

STEM Sport

See what STEM Sports has been up to this month.

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Coding Activities by Grade

Ask a Tech Teacher

Over the next weeks, I’ll share ideas that will get you ready for Hour of Code. This includes (links are live on publication day) : An Overview of This Week — Dec. 5, 2023 Coding activities by grade — (this post) Dec. 6, 2023 9 Unusual Projects — Dec. 7, 2023 5 Unplugged Hour of Code Activities — Dec. 8, 2023 This is a long list of online activities related to coding and programming.

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