Sat.Mar 18, 2023

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Finding Words With All The Letters Programming project

Computer Science Teacher

Does anyone else lay in bed in the morning thinking about coding projects or is it just me? I’ve been playing around with a Wordle solver helper for a while now. It helps me find words based on what I know after each guess. One of the things like like to do is see how many possibilities there are based on different hints. Yesterday I had most of the letters but not in the right place.

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Mar 19, Expressing a Number as the Sum of Prime Numbers

Online Math for All


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Kids Online Learning Statistics 2023

The Maker Mom

In the fast-paced, ever-changing digital landscape, children are exposed to dramatic increases in technological advancement. This begins as early as 2 years old when kids can play with tablets and continues all the way through their development. Educational institutions at every level have adapted to this changing landscape. The pivot to online learning came out of necessity and will remain for the same reason.

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Mail Time: Does AP Physics 1 include rotational kinetic energy when rolling without slipping? And how carefully do I follow the AP1 course and exam description?

Jacobs Physics

[Paraphrasing a correspondent.] Dear Greg: I read online that, for AP Physics 1, "rolling kinetic energy is not required." Is that correct? What do AP1 students need to know about rolling? Do you completely abide by the course and exam description in your AP1 course? Rotational kinetic energy is definitely part of the AP Physics 1 exam! Generally the problems involving rotation, like all AP1 problems, are qualitative and not quantitative.

Physics 40
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GPT-4 Help with History? I’ll Take a Pass, Thanks.

Middle Web

Despite misgivings about plagiarism, many educators are excited about the promise of ChatGPT to help students research content-area topics for papers and projects. MiddleWeb’s John Norton shares his "conversation" with the new ChatGPT-4 while researching some family history. The post GPT-4 Help with History? I’ll Take a Pass, Thanks. first appeared on MiddleWeb.