Mon.Jan 30, 2023

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Portraits and Pathways: Computational Thinking Pathways Fulfill a Portrait of a Graduate

ED Surge

At Indian Prairie School District (IPSD), located just west of Chicago, one of the crucial alignment points—a “north star,” if you will—for the district’s 35 schools is its Portrait of a Graduate profile. Widely adopted by school districts across the country, Portrait of a Graduate outlines the interdisciplinary skills that a district believes its students should embody and exemplify by high school graduation.

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11 Best Coding Robots For Kids Of All Ages

The Maker Mom

Thanks to technological innovations and forward-thinking toy companies, all of the benefits coding provides to older children can be taught to a younger crowd. Children can learn to code as early as 3 and receive immediate benefits like increased critical thinking skills, memory, and spatial awareness. The old days of learning from dusty books and endless searching gave way to a new era.


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Sal Khan’s New Online School Wants to Make ‘Mastery Learning’ Global

ED Surge

For 50 ninth graders, showing up to school this fall meant taking part in an experiment. The students had enrolled in the latest effort by Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy, the online tool he started by making videos on YouTube that is now used by hundreds of districts in the U.S. Khan’s new project is a fully online school with a mix of self-paced online learning and group activities.

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Biomagnification: When Toxins Build Up in Nature

Smore Science

Mosquitoes can be irritating! When they bite, they can leave an itchy bump on our skin. Not only that, but mosquitoes can spread dangerous diseases, like malaria, when they bite. Scientists have learned that some chemicals can be used to keep mosquitoes away from us and from the food we grow. DDT is a chemical that can be sprayed on crops to control the number of mosquitoes.

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How Do Dash Robot Work? Perfect Guide 2023

STEM Education Shopping

How Do Dash Robot Work How do dash robot work ? Dash, the robotic pet and companion, is revolutionizing the way we interact with robots. Utilizing an array of sensors, cameras, and motion trackers, Dash responds to commands from owners and encourages active play. How Do Dash Robot Work? how do dash robot work This article explores how exactly Dash uses its sensors and technology to move, respond to sound, recognize objects and faces, and more.

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Dual Enrollment for Future STEM Majors

Career in STEM

If there’s one thing we STEM learners have in common, it’s that we enjoy endless opportunities; there’s always something new to learn and delve into. With STEM, it’s never too early to begin learning and practicing. The earlier you start, the more ground you cover, and the more you can build your resume! This concept of starting as soon as you can is especially helpful and appealing to motivated high schooler students who have a natural inclination for the sciences or even those who are just cur


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Awesome SCIENCE Toys to Gift

Chillax Science

The holidays are over and my family is already back in the swing of the school calendar. That means, back to the usual birthday parties and events that require children’s gifts. If you are a planner like me, you are already reassessing the gifts you have at hand so you don’t have to run to the store at the last minute. Or perhaps, you are just looking for new ideas on what to buy or even gift your own children.

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How Do I Turn On Dash Robot? Perfect Steps 2023

STEM Education Shopping

How Do I Turn On Dash Robot How do i turn on dash robot ? If you’re looking to save time and energy with automated dashboards for data visualization, then a Dash Robot could be a great option for you. Here’s an overview of what a Dash Robot is and how you can get started with it quickly. What is a Dash Robot? How Do I Turn On Dash Robot A Dash Robot is an automated dashboard creation tool, which allows users to quickly create beautiful dashboards based on their imported data.

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STEAM vs STEM: Difference, Benefits, Careers & More

STEM Sport

What is STEM? STEM is an acronym used to describe science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This is typically used to describe curricula, college degrees, and careers. What is STEAM? STEAM is an acronym used to describe science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. This term is similar to STEM but adds the ‘A’ to put an extra emphasis on the art and creative side of careers and education.

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How to Convert Word to Google

The Tech Savvy Science Teacher

You might be in a school that uses both Google and Microsoft or maybe you came from a Microsoft school and are now in a Google school. Perhaps you downloaded some Microsoft documents and now want them as Google files. Either way I made a short video to walk you through the process. The short of it is that you can either convert files individually or set your Drive to automatically convert all documents to upload.

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Top 4 Reasons to Study Computer Science


By Stephanie Bennett Professional Learning Manager Image: Teacher teaching a classroom of attentive students. Attention all tech enthusiasts! Do you have interest in computer science but thought it's just about learning to code? Well, think again! While coding is a crucial aspect of computer science, it's not the only reason to pursue this field. From understanding how technology impacts our daily lives to developing innovative solutions for global challenges, there's more to computer science th

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Mentoring 2023: Access Your Superpower and Make the Million Girls Moonshot a Reality


Mentoring 2023: Access Your Superpower and Make the Million Girls Moonshot a Reality By: Linda Kekelis and Teresa Drew We love starting the new year with a spotlight on mentoring. For this year’s National Mentoring campaign help us reach the Million Girls Moonshot. With the Million Girls Moonshot, STEM Next Opportunity Fund is re-imagining who can engineer, who can build, who can invent.