Mon.Jun 05, 2023

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23 SAT/ACT Prep Online Resources

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here are popular online resources to prepare for ACT and SAT tests ( click for updated list ): Albert Online — lots of SAT practice exams, including subject areas. College Board Kaplan Test Prep Khan Academy reading-writing-practice Mindsnacks SAT Vocabulary –a big part of succeeding on the SAT essay is knowing the right word –for SAT, ACT, GRE Perfect Score Project- -to prepare for SATs Prep Factory –for SATs, ACTs, other Quizlet –hundreds of SAT vocabulary prep flashcards StudyBlu

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EdSurge Reporter Wins Top Prize for Journalism About Low Teacher Pay

ED Surge

EdSurge senior reporter Emily Tate Sullivan won a top journalism prize this month for her work documenting the chronic, national problem of low teacher pay in the United States. The Education Writers Association named Tate Sullivan the winner of a 2022 National Award for Education Reporting in the beat reporting category. The honor recognizes a collection of five stories she reported and wrote last year about the financial difficulty many educators face, the strategies they use to make ends meet

Teaching 177

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Let’s Try it and Find Out

Computer Science Teacher

Facebook memories reminded me of a frequent conversation I had with students. They would ask me what would happen if they tried something and I would answer “I don’t know. Let’s try it and see.” Students often expect teachers to know everything. Well, if they believe their teacher is a real content knowledge expert. Of course there is more to be known than can ever be known.

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Educate Awards: Outstanding Commitment to STEM Award

All About STEM

It’s nearly a decade! We are overjoyed to return for our ninth year as an Educate Awards sponsor with our Outstanding Commitment to STEM Award! “This award honours schools, academies and colleges which have a range of exceptional STEM activities or have developed successful STEM projects that promote the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects to all students.

STEM 130
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Downloadable Design Briefs for an Integrative STEM Curriculum

These easy-to-use design briefs outline student objectives, challenges, and materials needed to complete each 30-minute to 4-hour lesson. ITEEA’s Integrative STEM curriculum, Engineering byDesign, includes many more standards driven hands-on activities just like these!

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4 Ways to Reclaim Our Optimism for Our Schools

Middle Web

As we close the 2022-23 school year many educators are asking, “How do we reset the positivity and passion we once had in our profession?” It’s a good question, writes educator and speaker Dr. Debbie Silver, author of Deliberate Optimism. She shares four rallying principles. The post 4 Ways to Reclaim Our Optimism for Our Schools first appeared on MiddleWeb.

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Participatory Design to Support University to High School Curricular Transition/Translation in FIE 2022

Computing Education Research Blog

Here’s my second blog post on papers we presented during the first year of PCAS. Emma Dodoo is an Engineering Education Research PhD student working with me and co-advised with Lisa Lattuca. When she first started working with me, she wanted a project that supported STEM learning in high school. We happened upon this fascinating project which eventually led to an FIE 2022 paper (see link here ).

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Monthly Newsletter – June 2023

STEM Education Works

There is a lot to celebrate in the month of June with Pride Month , Father’s Day , Juneteenth , and even the start of summer! You can check out our past newsletters to gather more resources featuring those holidays and events because this year, we are highlighting World Ocean Day ! Read more to find ways to support and take action. Our Latest Blog Posts Mesmerizing a Captivated World Robotics as a Catalyst in the Computer Science Classroom Winning the Grant: Tips for Crafting a Successful Propos

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What are the Benefits of Outdoor Education?

Chillax Science

When it comes to outdoor education, I have struggled as a teacher. I tend to find excuses for staying inside, but then I feel guilty and try to make up for it. Ultimately, every year I have to remind myself of the plethora of robust evidence that says “outdoor learning is best.” What is outdoor education? “Is the organized effort of learning and studying biotic and abiotic aspects of the environment in an outdoor setting that is free of anthropogenic impacts.

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Greetings from Physics Camp

Jacobs Physics

Something like two dozen AP physics readers descended upon Gates Barbecue this evening on "dine out night", the night when the College Board was paying our restaurant tabs. I had fun conversations on the walk there, during dinner, on the walk back, and in the Westin lobby where two different sets of physicists were playing two different card games. Regular blog followers know how much I love the AP reading.

Physics 52
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Jun 5, Derivative of Inverse Functions Worksheet

Online Math for All

Derivative of Inverse Functions Worksheet

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A Handy Framework for Designing Units of Study

Defined Learning

People, places, and problems offer rich opportunities for real-world learning. This unit design framework ensures engaging, aligned learning objectives, experiences, and assessments.